Fire Rated Thermal Insulation Calcium Silicate Board

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Calcium Silicate Board is fiber-reinforced calcium silicate board, its raw material is SIO2 and CaO, and reinforced with glass fiber. Its main process is mixing, heating, gelling, molding, autoclaving and drying processes. Calcium silicate board is a new type of rigid insulation material.

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Product Advantages

The advantage of Calcium Silicate Board plate sheet
1. Good durability, can bear high temperature  .
2. Low thermal conductivity.
3. Light weight, high strength.
4. Better durability, use for a long time without powder.
5. Easy construction and cutting with tools.
6. Used safety, hygiene. Excluding asbestos, sulfur, chlorine.
7. Fear water, but after drying also can be used.

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Data sheet

The data sheet of Calcium Silicate Board plate sheet

Description JQ-HD JQ-20 JQ-23 JQ-25
Density (kg/ m3) 800(±10%) 200(±10%) 230(±10%) 250(±10%)
Modulus of rupture (MPa) ≥1.2 ≥0.35 ≥0.50 ≥0.55
Thermal conductivity rate (W/m.k) 0.18 0.050 0.056 0.058
Max working temperature (℃) 1000 1000 1000 1000
Lineal shrinkage rate (%) ≤2 (1000℃,16hrs) ≤2(1000℃, 16hrs) ≤2(1000℃, 16hrs) ≤2(1000℃, 16hrs)

Main purpose

The main use of Calcium Silicate Board plate sheet
Calcium Silicate Board is used as thermal insulation layer of power plant boiler and turbine body, chemical plant cracking furnace and distillation column, steel plant heating furnace, drying oven, paper mill digesting kettle, also the thermal cover on the pipelines in these plants.

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