Ceramic Fiber Board

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Ceramic fiber boards are rigid products made from ceramic fiber which are vacuum formed with organic and inorganic binders, with or without mineral fillers. These are manufactured over a wide range of grade densities and harnesses. The board is featured with high temperature stability, low thermal conductivity, even density, and excellent resistance against thermal shock and chemical attack. They can be used as individual component of furnace linings or as hard hot face layer as backup insulation.

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Product Advantages

● Low thermal conductivity and low heat storage.
● Excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance.
● Structure homogeneity and easy machining.

Manufacturer fireproof heat insulation calcium silicate ceramic fiber boards1

Typical application

● Industrial furnace wall lining and bricking-upo insulating layer.
● Heat insulation of high temperature and high-heat equipments.
● Combustion chamber of boilers & heaters.
● Heat insulation, fireproof and sound insulation of aerospace, ship building industries.

Technical data

Grade Standard Aluminium Zirconium
Classification Temperature (℃) 1260℃ 1350℃ 1450℃
Working Temperature (℃) 1100℃ 1250℃ 1350℃
Density (kg/m³) 280~500
Thermal Conductivity by mean temp. (w/m▪k) 0.085 (w/m▪k)(400℃)
0.132 (w/m▪k)(800℃)
0.180 (w/m▪k)(1000℃)
Compression Strength (Mpa) 0.5
Composition (%)
Al2O3 42~43 52~53 35
SiO2 53 46 45
ZrO2 - - 15-17
Fe2O3 ≤ 1.2 ≤ 0.3 ≤ 0.2
Na2O + K2O ≤ 0.5 ≤ 0.3 ≤ 0.2
Size (mm) 1000×600×10~50mm


1. How many temperature can your board withstand?
Max temperature is 1430C.

2. Can you make OEM?
Yes, we can make any shape and size as your request.

3. What is your board thickness?
Min thickness is 3mm, Max thickness is 75mm.

4. Your certificate?

5. If the package can be printed our company logo?
Yes, the marks are as your request.

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