Ceramic fiber products

  • Ceramic Fiber Blanket

    Ceramic Fiber Blanket

    Ceramic fiber blanket is a needled blanket that is made from high purity ceramic fiber without any organic binders, ensure the product owns good reliability and stability in any environment. The production processes includes needling, thermal forming, vertical and horizontal cutting and rolling. JIUQIANG ceramic fiber blanket is featured with lightweight and thermally-efficient, resulting in a material that possesses the advantages of low heat storage and complete resistance to thermal shock and is widely used in a variety of heat processing applications.

  • Ceramic Fiber Board

    Ceramic Fiber Board

    Ceramic fiber boards are rigid products made from ceramic fiber which are vacuum formed with organic and inorganic binders, with or without mineral fillers. These are manufactured over a wide range of grade densities and harnesses. The board is featured with high temperature stability, low thermal conductivity, even density, and excellent resistance against thermal shock and chemical attack. They can be used as individual component of furnace linings or as hard hot face layer as backup insulation.

  • Ceramic Fiber Module

    Ceramic Fiber Module

    Refractory ceramic fiber module is a new refractory lining product in order for simplifying and speeding up the furnace construction and improving the lining integrity. The product,pure white, normal size, can be directly fixed on the anchor bolt of industrial furnace steel sheet, with a good fireproof and thermal insulation, which increase the furnace refractory  insulation integrity and improve the furnace lining technology. Its classification temperature (From 1050°Cto 1600°C).

  • 0.5-12mm thickness kaowool paper heat insulation sealing ceramic fiber paper for fire door

    0.5-12mm thickness kaowool paper heat insulation sealing ceramic fiber paper for fire door

    JIUQIANG thermal resistance ceramic fiber paper is manufactured from high-grade ceramic fiber with low slag ball content, and formed into excellent flexible sheet through unique beating, deslagging, slurry-compounding, long net forming, vacuum water removal, drying, cutting and rolling processes. It is featured with high temperature resistance and heat insulation and high anti-melt capability, very low thermal conductivity, chemical corrosion resistance and thermal shock stability. So the paper can be widely used in building, glass industry for teeming pads separation. It provides maximum heat resistance and thermal insulation in limited space.

  • Ceramic Fiber Rope

    Ceramic Fiber Rope

    Ceramic fiber textile products include cloth, rope, stripe, yarn and other products, which is made from ceramic fiber cotton, EG filament, high temperature stainless steel alloy wirethrough the special process.

    In addition to the above products, we also provide special high temperature textiles of specifications and performances, according to temperature requirements and the specific operation conditions defined by users.

    We provide round rope, square rope and twisted rope. Both kind has two type, glass filament reinforced and stainless stainless steel reinforced.

  • Ceramic Fiber Cloth Tape

    Ceramic Fiber Cloth Tape

    Ceramic Fiber Cloth Tape is a woven fabric made from our high quality ceramic fiber woven yarn. It is featured with heat insulation and high temperature protective materials in all kind of thermal installations and heat-conducting systems, widely used in welding, foundry works, aluminum and steel mills, boiler insulation and seal, shipyards, refineries, power plants and chemical plants.

  • Ceramic Fiber Vacuum Form Shape

    Ceramic Fiber Vacuum Form Shape

    Vacuum form ceramic fiber gasket is made of  high quality aluminum silicate  insulation cotton, vacuum molding progress. The purpose of the development of this product is to make high temperature performance and self-supporting shaped products. Ceramic fiber gasket is to make specific production for any requirement, each product according to its shape and size,it needs to make a special mold, according to he performance requirements of products, chose binders and additives for the requirements. All products have low shrinkage within its operating temperature ranges, and maintain a high insulation, light-weight and impact resistant characteristic.

  • High Temperature Thermal Insulation Ceramic Fiber Gasket

    High Temperature Thermal Insulation Ceramic Fiber Gasket

    Ceramic fiber shape is ideal thermal insulation material which is are made from Jiuqiang refractory ceramic fiber, attending inorganic and suitable organic binders. The mixture is vacuum processed into boards or formed shapes that keep good mechanical strength after heating. Alumina fibre board can be manufactured using four basic fiber types: classification temperature 1000°C, 1150°C, 1260°C, 1400°C.

  • Expanded Ceramic Fiber Paper For Furnace Door Insulating

    Expanded Ceramic Fiber Paper For Furnace Door Insulating

    JIUQIANG expanded graphite ceramic fiber paper is processed with high-quality ceramic fiber cotton and expanded graphite, which is after beating, mixing, matching binders, molding and drying, cutter, packaging and other craft production into high-quality expanded graphite fiber paper. High expansion makes products with better sealing effect. It can be used in the furnace, automotive, aerospace, foundry and other fields.