Will ceramic fiber blanket (aluminum silicate blanket) catch fire?

Will ceramic fiber (aluminum silicate) blanket catch fire?

Ceramic fiber (aluminum silicate) blanket is the use of a specific composition of stone, after high temperature melting and spinning into fiber and then processed, its fire resistance

Like stone, ceramic fiber blankets don’t catch fire.


Ceramic fiber blanket (aluminum silicate blanket) science:

The main component of ceramic fiber blanket is aluminum silicate, so it is also called aluminum silicate blanket. Ceramic fiber blanket is a kind of blanket material which is formed by needling and has certain strength. Ceramic fiber blanket is a kind of refractory insulation material, mainly used in high temperature industrial kiln, high temperature pipeline fire insulation and other aspects.

(1) Ceramic fiber blanket appearance :JQ ceramic fiber blanket is a kind of white color, like quilts, porous, light, soft ceramic fiber products produced by Zibo Jiuqiang Co., LTD.

(2) Common specifications of ceramic fiber blanket :JQ ceramic fiber blanket conventional wide there are two kinds of 610mm/1220mm, length

3600mm/7200 two specifications, thickness 6/8/10/20/30/50mm, other unconventional specifications can be customized.

(3) Ceramic fiber blanket performance :JQ ceramic fiber blanket is resistant to high temperature above 1000° C, corrosion resistance, good chemical stability, no acid and alkali

Molten metal reacts at high temperature; Ceramic fiber blanket soft, elastic, high tensile strength, with excellent processing properties and construction properties, is the main force in ceramic fiber secondary products.

(4) Ceramic fiber blanket manufacturers: Zibo Jiuqiang Co., Ltd. is a professional ceramic fiber blanket, aluminum silicate blanket manufacturers, 12 years of success for thousands of enterprises at home and abroad to provide tens of thousands of sets of thermal insulation programs and materials.

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