JQ supplies soluble ceramic fiber blankets in bulk

JQ soluble ceramic fiber blanket

Since 2017, many customers have consulted soluble fiber blankets, and in response to the needs of new and old customers, Huolong began to supply in bulk in 2018

Soluble fiber blanket, soluble ceramic fiber blanket production line production specifications are 3m*610/1220mm*25/50mm.

JQ again popular science – What is a soluble fiber blanket? Soluble fiber blanket is short for biosoluble fiber blanket, that is, raw

In the process of production, installation and use of soluble ceramic fiber blanket, the fiber powder inhaled into human body or animal body due to improper protection can be decomposed by alveolar fluid and discharged from the body to avoid accumulation in the biological body and cause harm to the organism.


Technical parameters of JQ biosoluble fiber blanket

1, the use temperature, ≤750° C.

According to GB/T17911-2018 test method for determining the permanent line change of refractory ceramic fiber products under heating, the line shrinkage will increase after overtemperature.

The linear shrinkage within the specified heating time of 750°C is less than 4%.

2, chemical composition: SiO, MgO, CaO as the main components of alkali earth silicate fiber.

3, soluble ceramic fiber blanket solubility: simulated alveolar fluid solubility ≥198mg/L.

4, soluble ceramic fiber blanket is a pure inorganic material, fire-resistant and non-combustible.

5, corrosion resistance, good chemical stability, not easy to react with acid and alkali and high temperature molten metal; Ceramic fiber blanket is soft, elastic and resistant

High tensile strength, excellent processing performance and construction performance, or the future of ceramic fiber products in the main force.


Soluble ceramic fiber blanket application

Power plant steam pipe insulation, movable welding insulation blanket, steam boiler insulation, high temperature kiln insulation, furnace door lining and seal, furnace backing insulation, boiler and incinerator lining, seal and washer, automobile hot surface protection, household appliances insulation, pipe, flue lining, molten metal anti-splash, secondary processing into refractory heat insulation module components.

Post time: Jul-08-2023