New product release – inorganic ceramic fiber board

New year, new product. In order to improve the black and smoke of ceramic fiber board in heating engineering, our company developed a new type of inorganic ceramic fiber board.

Inorganic ceramic fiber board is made of high purity aluminium silicate fiber cotton. It can be formed into inorganic board without secondary combustion by self-developed environmental protection production equipment pipeline. The new inorganic ceramic fiber board does not contain organic material. It is smokeless, tasteless. Strength and hardness do not decrease but increase when exposed to open fire, high temperature and high heat.

New Product Release

The new equipment, production process and formula make the new inorganic ceramic fiber board more precise in size, more delicate and smooth in surface, very low content of slag ball, low thermal conductivity and very small thermal shrinkage. It can be tailored to the corresponding size according to the needs if use, and can be drilled and cut. It is an ideal environmental friendly high temperature insulation board for wall hanging furnace, electric furnace,oven and so on.

Technical Data

Grade   1260C Inorganic ceramic fiber board
Classification Temperature   1260C
Working Temperature   1100C
Density(KG/m3)   330-500
Thermal conductivity by mean Temp   0.09(900C)
Compression strength(M Pa)   0.14
Compression strength after calcination(900C 12H)   0.16
Heating permanent Change Line (900C 12H)   -0.7
Chemical Composition (%) Al2O3 46
Al2O3+SIO2 98
Fe2O3 1.0
Size 1000*600*3-50MM 1200*1000*3-50MM
1200*500*3-50MM 900*600*3-50MM
1000*1200*3-50MM 600*400*3-50MM
It can also be customized according to specifications and sizes.Special-shaped products can be processed according to drawings and samples.

Product Advantages:
1. Low slag ball content.
2. It does not contain organic substances: it can directly contact thermal radiation.
3. One-time forming: high flatness,precise size, small error.
4. The thermal conductivity is very low: only half of the traditional ceramic fiber board.
5. Small heat shrinkage and no deformation at high temperature.
6. High compression strength: no change on strength after heating at room temperature and high temperature.
Contrast test:

New Product Release1

The birth of inorganic ceramic fiberboard has completely changed the shortcoming of traditional ceramic fiberboard. It can be better used in household appliances.

Post time: Jun-27-2022